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Bogotá D. C. - Colombia
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The commitment of Torres & Torres Legal and Real Estate Advisors S.A.S is integrate itself into the companies as a member of them, a professional counselor, a strategic advisor to optimize the performances of companies and minimizing risks.

Torres & Torres Legal and Real Estate Advisors S.A.S has experience in integral advice in all areas of law, area of litigation in front of ordinary courts, government procurement, recovery of unpaid debts, juridic and prejuridic, and constitutional actions both domestic companies and natural persons.

Based on its legal and technologic structure, the firm offers legal services with high quality standards under the premise of a reliable and honest service, which Torres & Torres Legal and Real Estate Advisors S.A.S becomes in an ally that ensures excellent performance business.

Customers found in Torres & Torres Legal and Real Estate Advisors S.A.S a complete and efficient legal support. Each case is unique and special, therefore it deserves a treatment with the same features, a specialized professional with the knowledge, experience and preparation will be responsible for each stage of the process or legal work to ensure a successful result.

The firm's lawyers are in a constant process of training and update in specialized schools in Colombia and other countries, so that their work is based on current regulations to ensure effective legal service.

Torres & Torres Legal and Real Estate Advisors S.A.S team works under strict ethical premises oriented to the fulfillment of its tasks and objectives within determined time frames and commitments to its customers.


Offering a personalized legal assistance to suit the specific needs of each case assigned. Legal assistance is based on trust, in specialized concepts and in a support aimed at optimizing the resources of each client, to safeguard their rights and interests. The integral business advice is channeled as a preventive legal assistance that leads to sustainable growth of each particular client and the economy of the country.


Torres & Torres Legal and Real Estate Advisors S.A.S will be a leading company in the performance of legal work in national and international level, with results known for their honesty, transparency and adherence to the law, for the strengthening justice.

The firm seeks to position itself as one of the best law firms, thanks to the enhancement of its business pillars: honesty, quality team, customer commitment, continuous academic update and constant work.


Our legal advice is based on the following values:

  • Honor in their actions
  • Transparency
  • Close and trust relationships with the customers
  • High quality concepts issued by
    specialized professionals
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Creativity