Calle 28 No. 13A-24 Oficina 514
Edificio Museo Parque Central Bavaria, Centro Internacional Bogotá D. C. - Colombia
Pbx: 4929020

Torres & Torres Legal and Real Estate Advisors S.A.S is a dynamic and constantly evolving firm, which guarantees its clients-individuals and legal entities, a legal accompaniment with quality, efficient, professional, honest and individual according to the characteristics and needs of each case.

Our firm consists of an interdisciplinary group of young lawyers, graduates of top universities in the country, with graduate programs in every area of legal advice, who have experience, dedication, commitment, loyalty and high levels of ethics and responsibility to defend the interests and rights of each client.

With the slogan "The lawyer, the best business strategist," the firm wants to create awareness about the importance of the lawyer in the growth of each company. Also is purpose is to provide legal support reliable, honorable and professional to manufacturers and suppliers of national and international services within the state procurement process, so that the best product, service and adherence to the regulations allow a successful participation.



Due to the commitment to the country, the company executes constitutional actions free for poor people. Specifically, it transacts popular actions, of accomplishment, of group and tutela without cost. Such actions have a prior control aimed at ensuring the viability and necessity of the work.