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This second area of legal advice is focused on providing efficient and specialized service for the contractors stock market that wish to participate in public procurement.

Our advice is always framed in the highest levels of honesty; therefore the client in each legal work can be trusted, not only in knowledge of his advisers but on a transparent supported in adherence to regulations.


For this effect, we accompany the principal salesman in the following activities:

  • Review of the policies requested by the risk camera of the counterparty.
  • Assessment against requirements by the state agency acquiring the property.
  • Assessment in front of requirements by the different committees of the Stock Market, regarding the performance, execution and contract settlement.
  • Advising regarding the execution of the contract of commission with the commissioned company.
  • Preparation of legal response documents during the execution of the contract.
  • Support in hearings.
  • Assistance in the compensation and settlement stage of the operation.
  • Caution uprising for ending of the operation.
  • Preparation and explanation of legal concepts directly related to the operation.
  • Support and assistance to hearings and meetings aimed at resolving any issues that may arise in course of execution and settlement of the transaction.
  • Legal advice in direct settlements.
  • Complaints in front of the Financial Supervision by irregularities in the operation.
  • Study of law, doctrine and analysis of specific law applicable to the case.