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It is important to note that our company is able to advise service providers, manufacturers, distributors and marketers of goods throughout the state contracting process, specifically in stages: pre-contractual (selection process), subscription, execution and settlement.

The firm has experience and a record of success in state contracting consultancies. Legal advisory services are offered in all modes of selection: Bidding Process, Abbreviate Selection for Adjudication and reverse auctions.

The legal advice is offered in:

  • Accompaniment in all hearings within the selection.
  • Preparation of documents during the selection (expression of participation, comments, requests, requests for clarifications, etc.)..
  • Preparation of the bid.
  • Legal review of the economic proposal.
  • Review of report on conditions enabling the bidders.
  • Elaborations of temporary joints and / or consortia to participate in a selection process.
  • Reviewing the state contract.
  • Verification of documents to improve the state contract.
  • Support in execution and settlement of the contract.
  • Continuous reporting of the activities of the entity and its legal consequences.
  • Complaints in front of supervisory bodies.
  • Submission of comments the draft specifications, final specifications and proposals of competitors.
  • Verification of the current selection process.