Calle 28 No. 13A-24 Oficina 514
Bogotá D. C. - Colombia
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The company has trained professionals with experience in private legal advice.

Specifically the advice in civil law is provided both in litigation and consultations in national-level in major cities, including Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cali, Medellin, Itagui, Popayan, Ibague, and Yopal)


Services offered are:

  • Writing and reviewing of civil contracts.
  • Preparation of legal concepts of civil law.
  • Support in extrajudicial conciliations.
  • Answering of rights of petition and requests by civil law.
  • Preparation of studies of titles.
  • Issue of concepts about to real and personal property in payment.
  • Verification of guaranties.
  • Litigation (general jurisdiction and arbitration) in civil matters.
  • Process of contract and extra-contract civil responsibility.
  • Declaration of belonging.
  • Process of servitude.
  • Process of possession.
  • Processes of accountability.
  • Process payment for consignment.
  • Process of delivery of transferor to the acquirer.
  • Process of statement of vacant or vacant property.
  • Restitution process of leasehold
  • Restitution process of tenure.
  • Processes of replacement and cancellation of securities.
  • Process of reduction of sentence or improvement of mortgage or pledge.
  • Processes that deal on communal rights.
  • Processes of delivery of pledges
  • Processes over from bond.
  • Processes of condo.
  • Processes of expropriation.
  • Processes of delimitation and demarcation.
  • Partitions processes.
  • Singular executive, mortgage, pledge or mixed processes.
  • Constitutional actions in front of the ordinary courts.