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The intimate and very personal family relationships often have to solve their problems in front of a third party (mediator, family advocate, curator of family, etc..) or a judicial authority, so that the Company handles processes and consultations in this area of ​​law under the major premises of confidentiality and respectful treatment and appropriate responses to members of each household.


Services offered are:

  • Preparation of legal concepts of family law.
  • Support in extrajudicial conciliation.
  • Constitution heritage homestead and homestead affectation.
  • Cancellation of involvement in family home.
  • Testaments.
  • Capitulations.
  • Process of filiation.
  • Curatorial processes (uprising family heritage).
  • Process of authorization to sell real estate to minor.
  • Processes of dissolution and liquidation of estate litigation and by mutual agreement.
  • Support in extrajudicial conciliation.
  • Food processes - fixation, increase and decrease in alimony.
  • Processes of provision, improvement and relief of sureties and guarantees in front of civilian judges.
  • Civil marriage annulments.
  • Contentious divorce processes.
  • Processes of divorce by mutual consent (notarized or judicial).
  • Processes of separation.
  • Processes of separation of property.
  • Declaration and dissolution of marital unions of fact.
  • Judicial separation of property.
  • Notarial procedure of dissolution and liquidation of conjugal society.
  • Processes of deprivation, suspension and reinstatement of parental rights, removal of the keeper and deprivation of the administration of the child's property.
  • Process of interdiction for rehabilitation and dissipation of the interdict.
  • In general, procedures of personal measures (domestic violence).