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Torres & Torres Legal and Real Estate Advisors S.A.S has a team of professionals for receive consultations, procedures and litigation in the field of labor law and social security. Understanding that both the employer and the employee have rights and obligations within the employment relationship, which must be guided, from the beginning, by an adherence to the regulations.


Given that employers (both legal and natural persons) are responsible for ensuring the rights of their employees, we offer labor legal advice in order to minimize the risks of such work relationships.

The services offered are:

  • Preparation and review of contracts (labor, discount authorizations, claims, layoffs, etc.).
  • Job coaching, internal working regulations, transfer, compensation, memos, disciplinary policies, incentives, termination of employment.
  • Preparation and revision of settlement of social benefits.
  • Preparation of minutes of defense.
  • Issues of workplace bullying.
  • Advice on Social Security contributions, transfers, claims and regulations
  • Follow-court legal reconciliations (Ministry of Social Protection)
  • Drafting of transactions.
  • Presentation of concepts written in employment law.
  • Responding to legal requests from employees (petition rights, tutelas, etc.).
  • Litigation in employment law.