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This collection is characterized by the need to initiate executive demand as a means to recover the money owed, the legal management begins with the granting of power by the creditor's in order the lawyers of Torres & Torres Legal and Real Estate Advisors S.A.S present the corresponding judicial action until you receive the cancellation of debts, either abnormal termination of the process -transaction, settlement-, or normal process termination –sentence and auction. In certain cases of impossibility of recovery, the execution ending for external causes of lack of debtors' assets.


Execution´s objective is to suspend the terms of prescription and expiration and to get precautionary measures to ensure effective recovery of unpaid debts, for that reason, this judicial activity is developed in accordance with the following parameters:

  • Receipt of portfolio information, requests, responses of debtors, personal data, and document containing the obligation.
  • Verification and evaluation of the enforcement titles.
  • Investigation of debtors' assets.
  • Concept feasibility of enforceability under the law, doctrine and jurisprudence.
  • Undertake appropriate and effective legal activities guaranteeing the exercise of the legitimate rights and interests of the creditor. In cases where there is no enforceable title or has shortcomings, will seek reconstitution of these documents, either by conciliation, transaction, interrogation of part as an early test or execution with request of previous diligences.
  • An attempt shall be implemented by an early precautionary measures.- Attendance at hearings.
  • Daily monitoring of judicial processes.
  • Periodic reports to the creditor about the status of the dispute.
  • Appeal, incidents, judicial oversight and other procedural mechanisms that enable efficient and effective implementation.
  • Full implementation of execution process.