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Company has expertise professionals and technology to undertake mass recoveries of portfolio in a nation level.

Prelegal management consists in a persuasion for direct payment by the debtor through conflict resolution mechanisms. The success of this type of charge is to satisfy, in the shortest possible time, the property needs of clients.

Main objective is the prompt normalization of unliquidated obligations in accordance with the policies of each creditor. To accomplish this duty we make the following tasks:

  • Receipt of portfolio information, requests, responses of debtors, personal data, document containing the obligation.
  • Verification and evaluation of the enforceable titles.
  • Investigation of debtors' assets.
  • Concept of feasibility of recovery.
  • Information of the prelegal move of each debtor.
  • Approach to the debtors (principal, co-signers, solidarities, guarantors and guarantees) by a constant, respectful and firm persuasion.
  • In-person meetings with borrowers to achieve a friendly agreement where they present the legal and commercial options available in the financial entity.
  • Subscription of payment arrangements.
  • Approach with borrowers to achieve preconstitute enforceable titles.